Polyamory and Relationships

An ongoing discussion of relationships which are non-traditional

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This community exists to discuss the interweaving of polyamory and relationships. It is not limited specifically to polyamory in general but open to various relationship issues, from a context of open or polyamorous relationships.

You may reach the moderator at: blackjenner at comcast dot net

Posts here need not mention polyamory specifically. Context matters. This discussion may also include societal recognition of relationships other than the one man/woman model of monogamy, which includes the discussion of lesbigay marrage and poly marriage. Conversation covering how BDSM may relate to poly is also encouraged. In other words, we do kinky lesbigay folks here (some of us literally). :)

If you are looking for a forum more narrowly focused, more heavily policed, I suggest you consider Polyamory Community Journal . This space is meant to be a little different and, hopefully, a little better.

That said...

This is not a "safe" space, where all ideas are to be treated as equal, where uninformed opinions will go unchallanged. If your personal path, be it The Forum, EST, Lifespring, Buddism, has worked for you then it has worked for you. Your path is not a pedestal from which to look down upon others or demand they look into their own personal mirrors.

The Rule (there's really only one:

  • Expressions whose sole existence is to judge or mock others, will not be tolerated in this space. Keep your sniggering to yourself or take it to dot_poly_snark. The community owner is very tolerant and encourages differing viewpoints but snarkiness for it's own sake here will dissapear into the ether with a polite notice and a barely audible poof.

    Communicating openly and honestly is crucial to healthy relationships. One of the keys to communication is to express your ideas, yourself as a person, not attack another person or compare them to yourself or societal rules. What works well here for conversation, what works well here for questioning and even challenge, I have found works well for relationships out in the real world too.

    Funny, that.

    Respect the person. You don't have to respect the actual opinion.

    Oh, and take responsibility for yourself dammit!

    Our logo is a 1980 photograph of a display of fractured sunlight taken at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. It represents the myriad possibilities of intermingling, a joining song if you will, of interpersonal relationships. It is copyrighted.