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Loving More West, discount ends Sunday June 1

Hi all!

Akien and I will once again be presenting at the Loving More West Coast Polyamory Retreat, July 25-27, 2008. Discounted registration ends Sunday June 1, so if you know you want to join us, register now!

Best wishes,


[Please forward to interested people and/or lists!]

Last chance for discounted registration, June 1, 2008, is fast approaching!

Loving More® (http://www.lovemore.com/), the creator of the longest running polyamory-focused conferences, is pleased to announce the 22nd consecutive year of Loving More Conference Retreats, July 25th, through July 27th, 2008 (http://www.lovemore.com/WestCoast_2008.shtm).

Since 1986 it has been the Loving More® mission to support and educate people about polyamory. This year the Loving More 2008 West Coast Polyamory Conference Retreat will again be hosted at the beautiful Brooktrails Lodge in Willits, California (about 2 hours north of the San Francisco Bay Area). Three years ago we relocated the West Coast conference from our former facility at Harbin in order to better meet our attendees’ needs. This wonderful facility in the California redwoods has been chosen for its privacy and comfortable hotel-style accommodations. Reserved for conference attendees only, lodge facilities include hiking trails, hot tubs and many comfortable, cozy places to sit and connect with others. Meals and hotel-style lodging are included in the price.

Come join us in Willits, and experience a journey toward growth and transformation in loving partnerships. Together with the help of our experienced presenters and facilitators, the Loving More® conference offers a unique polyamory retreat experience. As always, our intention is to create an opportunity for in-depth learning, personal growth, and expansion of relationship skills in safe and loving environment. In addition to the opportunities for learning and connection, we will also have plenty of fun play time, including a Saturday evening sensual festival that attendees will help to co-create.

Workshops are designed to help polyamorous singles, couples, triads and more to learn, expand, and improve skills needed for satisfying romantic partnerships. Whether you are new to polyamory, just curious, or you have been in a loving network for 20 years, we have workshops designed to address your particular needs.

Opportunities to learn:
• Polyamory skills 101
• Establishing and maintaining good boundaries with your loves
• Creating and using agreements
• Dealing with jealousy
• How to deepen intimacy with all your partners
• Negotiating—boundaries, agreements, and more
• Building trust in long term polyamory
• Expanding your horizons and facilitating personal growth
• Receiving and giving touch in a loving, respectful manner

Opportunities to experience:
• Connecting with people of like mind from across the country
• A place to be your authentic self
• Exploring possibilities in relationships
• Music, dance and play time
• Community building
• Exploring outside your comfort zone in a safe environment
• Heart- and mind-expanding workshops taught by experienced facilitators
• Tasty buffet meals prepared on-site
• Building additional intimate connections

Full three day/two night retreat, lodging and meals included:

Registration (1/1/08- 6/1/08)
Members: $335; Non-Members*: $375

Late Registration (After June 1, 2008)
Members: $375; Non-Members*: $410

(*Non-Member price includes four-issue/one year basic membership)

To Register please call us at 303-543-7540
Or register at the website:

We are looking forward to seeing YOU very soon!


Robyn Trask
Managing Director
Loving More Non-profit
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