Meren (merenwentari) wrote in polyrelations,

4th Annual Florida Poly Retreat

I just wanted to remind those of you who may not have thought about it for awhile that the 4th annual Florida Poly Retreat is going to be happening here in just a few weeks (March 27-30, 2008) in Brooksville, Florida.

Please go here to find out more information, and to check out the schedule!  We've very pleased to have Anita Wagner as our Keynote Speaker, and we've got some great workshops lined up for you to learn in, share in, and take part in.

AND we've got 53 attendees (so far) -- small but large enough to certainly get some unique opinions! 

Some come on down to Florida!  It is warmer than where you are now. ;)  (Especially around the evening fire circles!)   Bring your drums, voices, dancing shoes, open hearts and open minds, and share in this gathering of Poly Folk.

2008 Florida Poly Retreat
(our 4th Annual!)

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