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Poly & siblings?

So, I've had a few conversations, especially with joreth and serolynne, about how most pop music (country, too) would just fall apart if polyamory was the norm. Think about it, much of the frission of wanting someone you can't have because they "belong" to another, or of being heartbroken because the one you love had to leave you to choose another would be lost.
So in that light, I was listening to the new Fiction Plane song "Two Sisters" (more on that in this entry) on my way home tonight. The song is literally a guy singing "I'm in love with two sisters" and torn about whose bed to spend the night in, and how its up to the sisters but he knows he has to choose between them and he can't have them both and it's tearing him apart.

That got me thinking.
I've not heard much in the poly community about siblings sharing a mate. I know people with poly SIBLINGS, but two sisters or two brothers (or even a mixed gender pair) who're non-sexual with each other but share a partner...what're folks' opinions on that?
Do you know of any cases of it happening?
How has it worked?

I'm curious :)

X-posting this to a few places.
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