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Orlando Weekly poly article out

The Orlando Weekly's article on polyamory finally got published.
I and several other members of the central Florida poly community were interviewed for it.
I got a nice little mention regarding my views on marriage & such, though the author characterized me as a "spokesman" for the community for no apparent reason. I specifically said otherwise, in fact.
joreth and tacit deservedly get more space in the article (and plugs for their websites), and the article is overall very fair & well written.

You can go see the article here: LOVE ME TWO (OR MORE) TIMES: Monogamy not cutting it? Maybe you're a polyamorist

I've been trying to leave a comment on the article, but their login procedure for comments is new & something appears broken, since I registered & can log in but every time I try to comment it says I am leaving the wrong code (the visual anti-spam reference code). Hmm.

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